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Gangaji on Emotions



Today, I am thankful for breathe, balance and the bottom line ♥ & ☮

Gratitude. :)


I love this Gangaji video because it goes to the very heart of what even the most sincerest of spiritual seekers will ultimately discover: the mind can hijack your discoveries and then use them in furtherance not of your Spirit but of the Ego. And it’s not as tricky as it sounds. It’s quite simple and this is the brilliance of it.

Off the top of my head, I think of non-duality, for example. I remember a time I was in meditation and I watched my thoughts and so I now have an experience of non-duality. So, then, in conversation with someone who says, “This is wrong. And that is correct.” My mind says, to me, “That is wrong. She is living in duality.” I’ve just done duality. I AM Non-duality and this means I encompass even duality; Of course I do.

A better example may be similar relatable experience from this video [that starts at about 16:00 in]. People who beat you over the head for peace, healing, and enlightenment; You know the kind… “Can’t we all just get along?” The ones you wanna ship off to Codependency Class, right? The people who hate conflict so bad they’re willing to extend their time and knowledge of how you should be for your own good. [Yes. YOU’RE own good. They are who is upset because it is for your own good.]

Gangaji calls this Spiritual Fascism. “So just ship your bad thoughts off to the concentration camps, right?” Wars are started in such ways. Internal wars as well as external wars. Even our own lives have examples of when we war for some perfect ideal that resides in our Mind.

I want to be happy and free and peaceful and so I kick my ass when I am not being happy, free, and peaceful [or someone else will, thinking they are doing a great thing]. What’s going on here is now not just an innocent ego…but an even deeper version standing sentry watching your thoughts to insure you are being the ‘right’ kind of person. And when not, “Bad! Bad! Bad!” yells the SuperEgo.

Oh yes. I’ve commented before how brilliant it all is really. SuperEgo is the God ~ and we’re taught it IS God, right? We’re taught to worship the altar of our own shame, fear, and loathing so that we - without hardly realizing it - get back into the game of Mind.

And when this happens, we have lost recognition of the I AM. This video is beautiful and I recommend it for anyone who is called to this Invitation.

I usually put stuff like this on my Facebook page but wanted to share it here because I had quite a bit to say. I hope you love this video! ~Samsara [Facebook]

There is a certain imprisoned spirit whose personality despises a free spirit. Bless them and be free anyway.

There is a certain imprisoned spirit whose personality despises a free spirit. Bless them and be free anyway.


Gangaji invites us to silence.

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